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In this compelling new book you will uncover how

The Greenwich Meridian was seen by those of previous ages as an ancient Axis Mundi or 

World Axis, a symbolic connection between heaven and earth.  

Kings and Queens of England, along with certain Secret Societies, understood this and 

aligned themselves with its power.

History rarely tells the whole story, and in the case of the Greenwich Meridian this is 

especially so. 

In this remarkable historical investigation the authors, 

Paul Broadhurst and Gabriele Trso, show that what we 

today call the Prime Meridian was originally a Cosmic Axis 

or “World Tree” that had deep mythic significance for our 


Historical and archaeological evidence 

shows that this axis was originally set out 

by an ancient priesthood who were 

masters of astronomical observation and 

believed that the Polar Axis of the land 

reflected the Celestial Pole, the cosmic 

sacred centre around which life revolves.