Welcome Findings Findings cont'd History Evidence Webstore Press/Media Are you on the Axis? Books by PB The Prime Meridian Marker of  the World @ Greenwich, Uk THE GEOMANTIC INHERITANCE OF BRITAIN There is a great amount of evidence, visible for all to see even today, that Greenwich was the centre of a cosmological scheme that extended right across southern Britain. The original findings in this book show that many royal and religious power centres were consciously aligned with the meridian, and the existence of prehistoric mounds and a Romano-British temple complex at Greenwich suggests that the Axis was set out in the distant past by a priesthood skilled in stellar observation and land surveying. This knowledge was passed down the  generations to those of royal lineage and others with an interest in the old traditions. To this day there are no less than 60 historic sites connected with the Axis Mundi, including 24 ancient churches, 12 abbeys and priories,                           9 Romano-British camps and archaeological sites, 10 Manor houses and 7 royal palaces, bishop’s palaces and castles. NAVIGATION AND THE AGE OF DISCOVERY During the 17th century when maritime trade became increasingly important                   it was essential to establish a centre for navigation, and it was decided by King Charles II, Sir Christopher Wren, a Grand Master Freemason, and other members of the Royal Society that an Observatory was to be built on the steeply-rising hill at Greenwich. There is evidence that it was used for such a purpose long before this, with Greenwich Castle replacing an earlier tower built by Duke Humphrey of Gloucester, who had a keen interest in astronomy and astrology, which, in the 15th century when he enclosed Greenwich Park, were considered to be the same. Also revealed in AXIS OF HEAVEN is other research showing that Greenwich was used as a star observatory as far back as prehistoric times. Elizabethan Galleon setting off to explore the New World Axis of Heaven
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